How are your products packaged?

The bath bombs are packaged in Natureflex cellophane bags. These bags are plastic free and made in Australia from renewable cellulose fibre. They are certified biodegradable by Australian Standards AS 8510, and can be composted at home. Decomposition time is approximately 15 WEEKS once in the elements.

There bath bark is packaged in Earth Bags made from brown recycled paper with a corn based, 100% natural biofilm. These bags are also fully compostable following the removal of the tin tie.

Sticker labels and tissue paper is recyclable. 

Wood wool is used to protect products during transport. This is also entirely home compostable or can be disposed of in your green waste bin. 

Tape used for postage is biodegradable. Please remove tape prior to recycling your post pack.

Can I go package free?


And it will get you a DISCOUNT!

There is the option of having your products sent package free - with the exception of the postage box and recyclable protective packaging. 

If you choose this option your bath bombs will be sent nude in recyclable tissue with compostable wood wool protective packaging. 

Use the code LOWWASTE to go nude and get a 10% discount on your bath bombs!

This option is not available for the Bath Bark.